Sunday, 12 June 2011

What the hell.

Something for me, doesn't bug me if others read. But that is not the intent of me writing. I know everyone has their own problems, but mine seem to give me ridiculous internal struggles that I need to find a way to get over. I use to have a hard time making decisions. Like even going out to eat fast food, sometimes i wouldn't eat because I couldn't choose what i wanted. Yes it was that bad -.- With some work, I got over that, was good. My newest problem I seem to have is over analyzing even the smallest situations with people and everything else. I know its stopped me from being in a 'relationship' a few times. Always think more of the downsides down the road. All that anger, arguing and fighting. I almost think its unneeded. Keeping people as good friends so you get the plus of not being alone and you don't have to worry about sticky boring situations later down the road. Makes sense to me right now. Even though its not the best way to see it. I need to find a way to become more carefree. Stop taking life and people so seriously and to the heart. Everything seems to be a learning experience in one way or another. And avoiding all the hard ones seems easy as of right now but I also cant help but wonder how much I would learn about myself and others by taking those chances. 

Maybe writing this blog is the first step to insanity, but as long as its a fun ride.. Who cares right? X.X

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